Consultation and Supervision

In addition to the membership group, I offer consultation or supervision. Consultation or supervision is a wonderful opportunity to get personalized feedback on your work. Consultation or supervision is an extra service, not included in your monthly membership.

I am currently a Supervisor-in-Training which means I am in training to be a Certified EFT Supervisor. My supervision mentors are Debi Scimeca- Diaz, Certified EFT Trainer from Emotionally Focused Center of New Jersey, and Ryan Rana, Certified EFT Trainer from the Arkansas EFT Center.

Yes, don’t worry. Any consultation you complete with me will count toward your consultation hours for certification. You are looking to get certified, right?

Individual Consultation / Supervision

Consultation/supervision is a great way to improve your understanding and technique in EFT. It is most helpful for you to bring a video clip of you utilizing the EFT model with a couple. We can then view it together, process the model and interventions and address self-of-the-therapist issues that will inevitability come up while learning and using EFT with your clients.

If you are interested in beginning consultation/supervision with me, click on the link below to read my contract. If you feel like we would be a good fit, fill out the form below and we can find a time to chat. Consultation/supervision can take place at my office or online.

Group Consultation / Supervision

Group consultation/supervision can be a great way to get more exposure to EFT and to see other styles of working in the model. This can also be a great way to reduce cost.

A minimum of six (6) sessions are required for group consultation/supervision. Click on the link below to view my contract. If you feel like we would be a good fit, fill out the form below and we can find a time to chat. As with individual consultation/supervision, we can meet at my office or online.


Live Consultation / Supervision

Did you ever have the feeling of wishing you had your EFT consultant / supervisor in your ear during session giving you helpful phrases to say right there in the moment? Well, your dream has come true. Live consultation / supervision occurs live during the session.

This is easy to set up. We’ll hop on Zoom so I can get video and sound. Then, with your ear buds in one ear, we’ll hop on a phone call so I can whisper sweet nothings (actually really helpful phrases) in your ear during your session. Think this is for you? Fill out the form below and let’s see about getting this set up!

Let’s Work Together

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